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How Does A Spy Camera Work?

A spy camera, a nanny cam or any other type of hidden camera goes through the process of capturing a video, saving it locally or remotely, and then displaying it on a monitor so you can watch it. What is involved in this process? If you wish to know, keep on reading.

The camera itself, quite clearly, is small and usually concealed within other seemingly normal day-to-day devices, such as a USB charger or a Bluetooth speaker, as to obscure their real purpose to outsiders.

Nowadays spy cameras have the ability to store the videos in electronic data storage devices, such as an SD card. The component in charge of saving the data is called a DVR (digital video recording) device, which receives data signals from the camera, compresses it (using the MPEG format) and then stores it in the SD card. Later, the data can be displayed on a monitor using a memory card reader, that is a built-in feature in a variety of smartphones and personal computers.

Alternatively, some devices operate wirelessly using a transmitter and a receiver. Many of the modern ones use specifically WiFi to transmit the data to a smartphone or a computer, where one can remotely monitor the camera's recordings.

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